Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lycus at the 5 Star Bar

Bands: Lycus, Lake Of Blood, Helen Money, and Trapped Within Burning Machinery

Venue: 5 Star Bar, DTLA

Date: July 17th, 2013

The Bay Area’s Lycus have just released their first full-album, Tempest, through 20 Buck Spin. A monster of heavy, crushing doom, Tempest also features subtle melody, enough to entrance the listener. I wrote a brief review of the album here. A small West Coast tour to promote the album has followed, and an eclectic mix of artists, most intriguing of which is cellist Helen Money, make up the undercard. The tour started out at the 5 Star Bar in downtown Los Angeles on July 17th.

We arrived just as Trapped Within Burning Machinery, a sludge/ doom quartet from Moreno Valley, California began. An enjoyable set of crushing doom, Trapped Within Burning Machinery played on the floor in front of the 5 Star Bar’s small stage in near darkness. A good set; enough to pique my interest to investigate the band’s debut full-length from last year, The Putrid Stench Of Decaying Self.

Helen Money is the nom de plume of Alison Chesley, a classically trained cellist and actress from Los Angeles. Chesley has made a name for herself within doom metal circles by electrifying her cello, a wonderful instrument that I’ve always enjoyed outside of metal. Chesley uniquely elicits sounds from the cello that dovetail nicely into the ambient, drone, and doom subgenres. Playing on the stage by herself, Chesley also employs a drum machine to back up certain songs and passages. Alternatively plucking and bowing the instrument, Chesley also relies on huge effects and feedback to create her sound. An intriguing, half hour set that was well appreciated by the rapidly filling up 5 Star Bar, I found Chesley’s unique take on doom to be quite invigorating.

Lake Of Blood is a semi-melodic black metal band from Los Angeles that I’ve always enjoyed. An ambient, droning vibe coincides nicely with ecological themes; Lake Of Blood delivered a long, droning set that took on a life of its own. Although not very well known, hopefully this small tour will raise the band’s profile.

Lycus were the main draw this evening and did not disappoint. Delivering a taut set that was alternatively crushing and droning, Lycus perfectly capped off an evening of interesting bands. Tempest is already garnering notice, and the band’s popularity should increase with this tour.

A few pictures….

Trapped Within Burning Machinery

 Helen Money

Lake Of Blood


The t-shirt haul….


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