Thursday, February 21, 2013

Terminate Ascending To Red Heavens

Terminate Ascending To Red Heavens

By: Death Metal Pauly

Hailing from Chicago’s northwest suburbs, Terminate play Death Metal that sounds like it was recorded in Sweden circa 1992 or so, canned for a couple decades, and now unleashed upon the world. This is not the case, however, as Terminate are a relatively new band, having formed in 2010. Terminate received favorable reviews for both their self-released demo in 2011 and their first official release in 2012, an EP entitled Thirst For The Obscene. This year, Terminate have signed to Poland’s Selfmadegod Records, and the label has just released the band’s debut full-length album Ascending To Red Heavens.

With no intro or warning to cushion the blow, the listener is assaulted immediately upon pressing ‘Play’. The guitars sound filthy and cruel with that chainsaw guitar tone that Dismember and Entombed made famous. This is appropriate since the riffing is similar to both bands and also reminiscent of one of my favorites, the criminally underrated Desultory. The vocals are pure Martin van DrĂ¼nen worship and are done exceedingly well. This is actually one of my favorite aspects of the album, since this is a style that is not easy to replicate. Vocalist/ guitarist John Porada perfectly nails it. The bass lines are cool, although the production on the bass is a little thin. The drumming is solid and competent; nothing very flashy, but it gets the job done.

Fans of Terminate who have been following the band will recognize the demo and EP songs re-recorded here. Sounding cleaner but somehow still just as dirty, these recordings make the songs sound monstrous and they hold their own alongside the previously unreleased songs. My favorite of the bunch is definitely the title track. At over five minutes, this is the longest track and also the one that goes for the glory. The vocals are just plain nasty on this one.

Although Terminate are a vicious band, there are some good dynamics mixed in the songs to make things interesting. Nothing innovative and not exactly breaking new ground, but awesome just the same. Although I enjoyed most of the album, I was already familiar with the previously released songs and this just makes me hungry for more. I look forward to the next album, which should be a collection of nothing but brand new material.

Editor: I liked this one, as well. Thanks, Death Metal Pauly!

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