Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hate 'Solarflesh'

Hate Solarflesh

By: Death Metal Pauly

With Cannibal Corpse generating massive amounts of attention for their longevity in the scene, it’s easy to overlook and forget some of the other long running mainstays in the Death Metal genre. Warsaw, Poland’s Hate are not about to let you forget about them. Marking their 23rd year as a band with their 8th full-length studio album, Solarflesh, Hate are sounding as strong as ever.

Solarflesh begins with the ever-present hypnotic mood setting intro, which is a decent piece on its own. The second track, “Eternal Might,” is aptly named, starting out slow and heavy before the blasting begins. Even with the drums hammering away, the guitar riffs are a little laid back, evoking a sense of intense determination.  There are some cool guitar solos, along with excellent vocals. The vocal performance on the whole album is pretty solid.

The next few tracks are all pretty good and on the brutal side. "Timeless Kingdom” has some killer guitar solos that lead to a nice fadeout. Besides the intro track, a few of the songs feature intros of their own and these are placed at good moments throughout the album, providing a nice lead in to their respective songs

“Sadness Will Last Forever” is another aptly named song, being a bit on the doomy side. The title track, though, is probably the best song on the album. This one is a rager, as some of my friends would say; I love the killer riffing and that absolutely crushing drumming. The drums on the album are really strong, anyway, but especially so on this track. The whole band sounds really tight here. But my favorite track is probably “Endless Purity,” a slower paced, pissed off song that stays with you long after listening.

The production on Solarflesh is very polished, perhaps more so than that of Hate’s last two albums, and fits these songs well. I can’t imagine the more melodic riffs on this album being properly captured with the harsher production of both Eerbos and Morphosis.

All in all, Solarflesh is a pretty solid album. Not as brutal as some of Hate’s previous efforts but still as strong as ever. I look forward to what they have to offer on their next album, which will likely mark a quarter century of existence for the band.

Cheers to Hate!

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