Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Death To All (Game Two of Saturday's Doubleheader)

After having dinner, we trotted over to the House of Blues, Sunset Strip, for the day's main event: Death To All: A Tribute to Chuck Schuldiner. You can read my official recap of the show here.



The t-shirt haul....

Deathspell Omega Drought

Monday, June 25, 2012

Southern Lord Package Tour (Game One of Saturday's Doubleheader)

Saturday, June 23rd was a date that my metal buddies and I had marked in our calendars well in advance. That evening, the Death To All Tribute to Chuck Schuldiner was scheduled to appear at the House of Blues, Sunset Strip. However, that afternoon out at the Glass House in suburban Pomona was a free show consisiting of various Southern Lord artists wrapped up in a Scion something or other. As someone once famously said, "Let's play two."

We headed out to Pomona, arriving just in time to catch openers Enabler, a metallic hardcore band (what else appears on Southern Lord these days?) from Milwaukee. Although I've really grown tired of the whole metallic hardcore shtick of late, Enabler were pretty damn good with riffs built upon riffs. Toss in some fierce gallops and a wildly windmilling female bassist, and our attention was suitably held.

We decamped to the Vietnamese restaurant around the corner, skipping the next act, only to come back and catch Martyrdöd and Black Breath (the main draw for us making the trek out to Pomona) in rapid fire succession. Martyrdöd were decent enough thrashcore, but were sloppy and obviously stoned out of their minds. Black Breath, on the other hand, were excellent with a taut, focused set. I still think that Black Breath are at their best when they hit their death metal upbringing more heavily than their hardcore influences, but they were easily the best of the bunch for Game One. We skipped main headliners Pelican to drive back into L.A., grab a quick dinner, and then head over to the HOB for the Death To All Tribute (Game Two, which will be the next post with a formal review to appear at in the near future).

I wasn't scheduled to formally photograph the Southern Lord Package, but I did manage to get a few decent phone shots.



Black Breath