Sunday, November 04, 2012

Daylight Dies A Frail Becoming

Daylight Dies A Frail Becoming

By: Chris Davison

Blimey, has it really been four years since the release of the excellent Lost To The Living? That really was an excellent album, and I had begun to wonder what had happened Daylight Dies, based in Carolina, but sounding much more like they should originate from the murky depths of Northern England. I shouldn't have worried; it seems that the band was working on this album during their hiatus. With their previous record being one of the highlights of 2008, can this follow up possibly live up to those lofty standards?

The answer is most definitely “yes”. This is a different beast, however, being a much more muscular and aggressive beast than its forebear. I'm not quite sure what's being going on in the lives of Daylight Dies, but A Frail Becoming has quite a bit more “oomph.” The introspection, calm reflection, and atmosphere are still here for the listener to enjoy. The moodier, doomier elements of the music remain, but are now joined by even more powerful, emphatic riffs and drum work. “Dreaming Of Breathing,” for example, features riffs that makes fists involuntarily clench, and more dissonance than on most Voivod albums. “Infidel” has a combative spirit that invokes conflict and strife with some quirky, angular riffs and nimble bass work.

The good news is that the baby hasn't been cast out with the bath water. The band has managed to retain the magic of Daylight Dies – the downcast atmosphere, the sophisticated musical palate – while expanding and refining on the winning formula. That trademark touch of the miserable, the unpleasant runs through the record like blood through veins. The minor key riffing and the sinister melodies combine to furious effect. All in all, none of the former magic is lost, and Daylight Dies have gone on to assert their place in the upper echelons of melancholic metal.

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