Saturday, August 25, 2012

Witchsorrow God Curse Us

Witchsorrow God Curse Us

By: Chris Davison

Witchsorrow are a band that I have the opportunity to see so many times, and have turned them down at every juncture. Which is odd, given that they are a highly regarded up and coming outfit peddling in traditional doom wares. They've been at festivals, and I've preferred to drink, or they've been on as supporting acts and I've gotten something to eat instead. Luckily, I've managed to get a hold of God Curse Us for my delectation. And you know what? It ain't half bad.

In the doom stakes, this is a fairly curious find. In terms of their overall tone and sound, I'd say that Witchsorrow – a UK act, trivia fans – play it fairly safe. They're clearly very influenced by the most traditional of bands, having a sound that owes a fair amount to the big hitters of the genre, in particular the American acts Pentagram and Saint Vitus. So far, so normal. Yet I also detect hints of fellow countrymen Electric Wizard in terms of the song lengths and the slightly hypnotic take on the riffing. These aren't mere five minute tracks – here we typically weigh in at around the ten minute mark, with nice ringing guitar tones and funereal bass lines clashing with simple yet effective drum structures. Vocally, the voice sounds a lot like the clearer, less mental episodes of our very own Lee Dorrian, which is no bad thing at all. Here and there, when the drabness and the length of the songs became almost too much for my attention to have taken, the band kicks in with a slightly quicker tempo or an interesting guitar solo.
The title track, in particular, has a nice take on the post-apocalyptic scenario, with the ringing “God Curse Us – Every One” taking its own position as a minor doom anthem. This may not be the most inventive of albums, by any stretch of the imagination, but then I would always rather listen to something familiar that is well played than something completely novel but sterile and boring. A fine album all the same, and one that will entice me to make more effort to resist the hunger and thirst and see them live!


Metal Mark said...

Glad you posted about this one because it made me aware that a link of it to review. Never heard of them before and someone I skipped it at first. I think that I may have missed because the dark cover didn't stand out and I didn't realize it was doom. Pretty decent album.

The Dragon of M87 said...

I though that was a decent album, as well, but it pales in comparison to some of the other heavy hitters that have released records of late in the same style.