Sunday, August 19, 2012

Two shows in one night.

The Fucking Wrath 04The Fucking Wrath 03The Fucking Wrath 02The Fucking Wrath 01Samothrace 11Samothrace 10
Samothrace 09Samothrace 08Samothrace 07Samothrace 06Samothrace 05Samothrace 04
Samothrace 03Samothrace 02Samothrace 02Samothrace 01Bereft 05Bereft 04
Bereft 03Bereft 02Bereft 01

Metal Pub Crawl, a set on Flickr.
Samothrace and Bereft at the 5 Star Bar. The Fucking Wrath at Casey's Pub and Grill. Los Angeles; August 18th, 2012.

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