Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nuthin' says summer fun like Gore Metal!

Bands: Gorgasm, Wounds, Reign Inferno, Elbow Deep, and Asphyxiator

Venue: The Ultra Lounge, Chicago, Illinois

Date: August 11th, 2012

So I headed back to my old stomping grounds at the end of the summer. Instead of heading to Frontier Days or some such (as people normally do towards the tail end of summer in the Chicago area), Skull, his ladyfriend Kelly, and I decided to head down to the Ultra Lounge in Chicago to catch a slew of gore metal bands.

Indiana's reclusive Gorgasm were set to headline a show organized by Miguel "Goregrinder" Medina, a mainstay of the Chicago death metal scene with his promotional company Eternal Eclipse Productions. Skull has been privileged to attend a few of Miguel's shows in the past, and a good time was definitely to be had by all. Unfortunately, the Cathedral of the Black Goat II Festival was going on the same night just a few miles away, but you can't win 'em all.

Miguel's own on again off again project Asphyxiator got things going with a short set. Obviously in a rebuilding period, Asphyxiator consists of Miguel on vocals, a guitarist, and a drum machine. Though loose and underdeveloped, hints of potential came through during the short set.

Next up were Elbow Deep, a gore metal band from Chicago with whom I was not familiar. Expecting absolutely nothing, we, instead, got everything, as Elbow Deep just flat out stole the show with their very catchy brand of gore metal hilarity. Greatly aiding the cause was an obvious sense of humor with hilarious anecdotes utilized to introduce songs. In particular, the pedophile themed song "Chris Hansen Ruined My Weekend" blew the doors off the place with a raucous, infectious chorus.

The rather well known Reign Inferno took the stage next. Somewhat of a side project of Jungle Rot bassist James Genenz, Reign Inferno had a bit of a slow start due to some sound issues. After finding their footing, however, Reign Inferno became a tightly focused assault of Slayer-esque death/ grind, and, soon enough, just about everyone in the packed Ultra Lounge was headbanging wildly.

Wounds followed Reign Inferno with a surprisingly taut set of amazing, semi-technical death metal. Backed up by some seriously good musicianship, I find myself amazed at the dearth of information that I could find about this band. Why don't they have a Facebook page, a website, or a recording contract!? Beats me. Probably the best musicians of the night.

As good as the bands were to open up the evening, Gorgasm were obviously the main draw. A totally relentless assault of gore-laced death metal, Gorgasm were highly focused and firing on all cylinders for a big set of 15 songs or so. Incredibly fast and spot on with time signature changes, Gorgasm definitively put their stamp of dominance on the evening.

Although I must admit to being intially disappointed to learn that I would have to miss the Cathedral of the Black Goat II in order to attend this show, any disappointment was very soon dispelled as I was simply floored by this show. The venue was good, the bands were excellent, and the crowd vibe was really good with friendly people and an obviously very enthusiastic response to all of the bands. Congratulations to Miguel Medina for putting on an incredibly enjoyable death metal show!

Special thanks to Skull and Kelly for letting me crash on their couch afterwards. Also, special thanks goes out to Miguel Medina, Rick Hernandez, and James Genenz!

Here are a few shitty phone pics for ya!

The Ultra Lounge


Elbow Deep

Reign Inferno



Elbow Deep


The t-shirt haul!


The Forsaken Beyond Redemption


Skull said...

Great show. Good times.

The Dragon of M87 said...

Good times, indeed, brother.