Sunday, August 19, 2012

Metal Pub Crawl

Turns out that we had a chance to hit two shows in one night last night in Los Angeles. The long awaited appearance of the mighty Samothrace was scheduled for the 5 Star Bar with Bereft as openers. However, on the other side of downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), The Fucking Wrath would be appearing in a free show at Casey's Pub and Grill. Given that the Samothrace show would be over early for reasons described below, we had a shot of taking in both shows.

We headed to the 5 Star Bar, only to arrive with hardly anyone in attendance. Here's the gist of it. Originally, Samothrace were scheduled to appear at The Joint near Beverly Hills, but were forced to switch to the 5 Star Bar earlier this week. Turns out that, for whatever reason, the 5 Star had also booked another, completely separate show of an entirely different genre on the same night. In short, not only were Samothrace battling the circumstances of having to change venues on relatively short notice, but their show had to conclude by 10pm, and the bar's owner was not taking "no" for an answer.

The show was originally to be a triple bill with Black Sheep Wall and Bereft in support of Samothrace. Black Sheep Wall dropped off for reasons unknown, only leaving Bereft and Samothrace to rather hurriedly put on a performance, beginning around 8:45pm. Bereft got things going on time in front of a rather sparse crowd. Playing for about 45 minutes, longer than anticipated given the time crunch, Bereft are noteworthy as a side project of scene mainstays Charles Elliot of Abysmal Dawn (and, most recently, of the Death To All Tribute) and Sacha Dunable of Intronaut. Although backed up by an impressive pedigree, Bereft were a bit sloppy if, ultimately, enjoyable in the end.

Events continued to transpire against Samothrace. Originally intending to go on before 9:30pm, Samothrace were already running behind schedule when a bass string broke during the sound check. Exasperated, the bar's owner demanded they get things moving after another ten minutes or so. Finally, Samothrace went on the stage as a trio without a bassist. Samothrace were forced to play only one song, the still awesome and mesmerizing "A Horse Of Our Own" from the band's last full-length, Reverence To Stone.

Although we  were obviously disappointed by the events that worked against Samothrace, we were all very appreciative of the performance that did occur, and I made sure to walk up to the stage to say "thank you" nonetheless as the band hurriedly broke down their equipment.

Taking stock of the situation, we looked at the clock and decided to make a run for it. The Fucking Wrath were scheduled to go on at Casey's Pub and Grill across DTLA at about 10pm. Just less than a mile from the 5 Star Bar, we reasoned that we could probably make it. We were right. We arrived at Casey's Pub and Grill, a very popular bar filled with L.A. pretty people, just as a weirdo/ hardcore/ noise act called Bad Acid Trip (complete with an aging skinhead for a vocalist whose shtick resembled Charlie Chaplin on acid) were finishing a short set on a small stage crammed in the basement of the sprawling bar.

The Fucking Wrath came on and delivered a good, intense set in front of about 20 people or so. Casey's is one of those gigantic bars with multiple floors; hence, only a few metalheads were actually at the bar to see a show. The Fucking Wrath were good, and we decided to chalk the night up as a success.

Special thanks to Dave Brenner and Andy Ford.

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