Sunday, June 24, 2012

Death To All: A Tribute To Chuck Schuldiner with Gorguts

Gorguts SetlistGorguts 83Gorguts 82Gorguts 81Gorguts 80Gorguts 79
Gorguts 78Gorguts 77Gorguts 76Gorguts 75Gorguts 74Gorguts 73
Gorguts 72Gorguts 71Gorguts 70Gorguts 69Gorguts 68Gorguts 67
Gorguts 66Gorguts 65Gorguts 64Gorguts 63Gorguts 62Gorguts 61
Saturday doubleheader! "Game 2"

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atanamar said...

Fuck yes, excellent work. I can't wait for Thursday.