Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Skull's birthday occurred back in February. Skull deserves a good jean jacket. I cranked this one out in about six weeks. Most of the time was spent gathering specific patches tailored to Skull's classic tastes. The actual sewing and stud application occurred over three sessions of about three to four hours apiece. I left the front pockets alone on purpose to give Skull the option of having their use.

I'm considering selling battle vests as a craft hobby, perhaps, with a site on Etsy or Craftsy. This vest cost about $200 to put together, including Priority shipping. So, I was considering charging $250 or so for a complete vest with a turnaround time of about a month. I'm soliciting opinions from anyone that would care to comment. I appreciate your input.

Happy (Belated) Birthday, my brother Skull!


Skull said...

The jacket is awesome, Bro! Thanks so much!

Skull said...

I really like how you used my "People of Walmart" pic in this :)

four brothers leather jacket said...

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