Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Devil's Blood The Thousandfold Epicentre

The Devil’s Blood The Thousandfold Epicentre

(Metal Blade Records)

Reviewed By: Strawb

What degree of Dante do you seek in your Satanic metal? If you seek the Ninth Circle, your head being chewed upon as claws flay your skin, then it may be that The Devil’s Blood are right up your alley…..

From Holland, the online video clips show up to six performers stretched across the stage – but information is hard to come by and the two members who do seem to attract the publicity are brother and sister team of Selim and Farida Lemouchi. He is the driving force behind the band and she is the vocalist. Both are committed Satanists. He speaks of the band as an entity and refuses to discuss the individual aspects; so, why not respect this and do the same?

Well, my immediate thoughts on Satanic Metal are of slow, dirge-like tunes with deep down vocals and bass at a level that causes your fillings to disintegrate, and at times your teeth as well. If that is your desire then stop reading now, because The Devil’s Blood are from an entirely different school. There are elements of slow in there but in the main what they play is a faster, more enlightened form of metal. It is akin to common euro-rock – when the missus first heard The Thousandfold Epicentre, she was reminded of the Scorpions and yes, some similarities are there.

The Satanic element is there in the vocal content – or, to put it correctly, the vocal content is nothing but Satanic – and in the on stage presentation which features Satanic ritual and, from the available online images, an awful lot of blood.

This is the bands second album, following on to 2009's The Time Of No Time Evermore and is a pleasant enough listen to one who has no stake in Satanism. Nothing on here leapt out as an immediate five star rating when I first heard the album and repeated listens over time have not altered this impression. However, my research would indicate that it is in the live arena that this band really comes into its own, so in these days of financial hardship, spending your hard earned on a ticket to their April / May USA Decibel Magazine Tour may well be a better way of discovering them.

The Devil's Blood

Editor: You can bet that I'll be there.

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