Sunday, February 05, 2012

Getting the wires crossed...

Every now and then I get my wires crossed at, especially when I'm getting clobbered at work. Oh, well. Here's a quick look at a split originally intended to be examined in the laboratory, but is already assigned to another writer...

Temple Of Baal/ Ritualization The Vision Of Fading Mankind Split

(Agonia Records)

Release Date: November 29th, 2011

French black metal blast machine Temple Of Baal probably need no introduction to most students of the country's scene, but I’ve found Temple Of Baal to generally get better and better with each release. Playing a loud, brutal form of black metal, Temple Of Baal lay on the thickness and the blastbeats with a great deal of fury, but also add some subtle melody to their assault. Contributing nearly an EP’s worth of material to this split with four songs, Temple Of Baal straddle the line between brutality and melody with some good songwriting, a thick production, and, notably, some guitar solos, thereby giving their half of this split a tremendous amount of weight.

Rounding out the split are three songs from Ritualization, another French act with ties to Aosoth and a few others. Contributing two songs and a Mortem cover, Ritualization are much more straightforward as brutal death metal with a sound a bit like that of a raw version of early Suffocation; albeit, without nearly as much intricacy. Although unoriginal, Ritualization blast away with enough competence and enthusiasm to more than hold your interest.

Grade: B

Agonia Records

Dave's Underground Laboratory, January 30th

Dave's Underground Laboratory, February 6th

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