Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Sun Through A Telescope Summer Darkyard

The Sun Through A Telescope Summer Darkyard

(Handshake Inc./ Grindcore Karaoke)

Reviewed By: Strawb

“Not a good idea, looking at the Sun through a telescope (editor: I’ll elaborate at a later date as a few Sun related astronomical events are coming up in 2012). Well, if you value your sight, it isn’t. So, will listening to a band of the same name be any better of an idea?

Well, on grounds of cost, Summer Darkyard scores very highly. By clicking here you will find the option of a free download of the entire album. So, the question now is one of worth; dependent upon your tastes, of course. If you have a thing for one man drone / doom projects, especially those from Ottawa, Canada, then, it is time for you to fill your boots to the top. If, however, a seemingly random output of sounds over a progressive doom track is not your thing, then maybe you need to be looking elsewhere for your musical delights. A vocal contribution is there, Jon Anderson-esque in style if not in pitch, and the echo chamber is given a hammering.

Whilst I have some progressive based albums in my regularly played pile, the number of such themed albums which have passed me by is far, far greater. I do wonder if my substances of choice leave me missing the point of most of this genre, or if it is just the way my brain is wired up. At any rate, whatever the reason, whilst this offering is a well presented one, it fails my weird test and is not something I will return to anytime soon.”

The Sun Through A Telescope

My own personal take on Summer Darkyard is mixed, as well, as I find the quieter moments to be rather soothing, if ill formed. But, there are also moments where The Sun Through A Telescope segues into noise territory not unlike acts such as Gnaw Their Tongues; such moments leave me high and dry.

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