Friday, September 09, 2011

Brief Blast: Untimely Demise

Every now and then, we get our wires crossed at I end up writing a piece that someone else has already been assigned to cover. Oh, well. At any rate, here's a brief look at City Of Steel by Untimely Demise, originally intended for inclusion in Dave's Underground Laboratory...

Untimely Demise City Of Steel (reissue)

(Sonic Unyon Metal)

Release Date: September 13th, 2011

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based Untimely Demise recently signed to Sonic Unyon Metal, one of Canada’s best labels for homegrown thrash metal. Before recording a new album, though, Untimely Demise and Sonic Unyon Metal reissue the band’s self-released debut from 2010, City Of Steel.

Hearing the album for the first time, City Of Steel is a solid slab of early thrash metal played in the vein of early Kreator and like minded Teutonic thrash bands. OK, City Of Steel immediately smacks of being part of the re-thrash bandwagon, and it is, but the album has a few things going for it, namely some catchy songs and a snarled vocal delivery from Matt Cuthbertson.

Untimely Demise also dabble a bit in the nether regions in between the end of the NWOBHM movement and the beginnings of speed/ proto-thrash metal with slower moments, plenty of melody, and letting the guitars shine with lots of soloing. Most of it is done pretty well with catchy songs, riffs, and a definite ear for the era, but are Untimely Demise jumping on the re-thrash bandwagon a bit too late? Perhaps.

Dave’s Grade: B

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