Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Unconsecrated Slave To The Grave

Unconsecrated Slave To The Grave

Dark Descent Records

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Reviewer: The Dragon of M87

Here’s another short blast thrown my way from the unholy depths of Dark Descent Records, this time in the form of a short EP entitled Slave To The Grave from Unconsecrated. A trio from Spain, Unconsecrated are playing a ripped up form of OSDM treading firmly in the Sunlight Studio sound, and they do a damn fine job of it, at that. Slave To The Grave is an homage to the old school Swedish style with plenty of raw guitars, a tempo that alternates between a mid-paced approach and an all out blast, and a deep seated production that will disassociate your neck.

This is my first exposure to Unconsecrated, a band with a debut full-length already under their collective belts, and, based upon what I’ve heard here, I will now eagerly track down that album as Unconsecrated hit all of the signature elements of the style. A huge sound with riffs, a nice variation in tempo, and some kick ass songwriting all factor in to Slave To The Grave.

About the only complaint that I could possibly have about Slave To The Grave is that it’s too short, as a melodic, acoustical outro cuts down the assault to only three songs. Even still, Unconsecrated should be high on the list of “to seek out’ by any self-respecting fan of OSDM.

Yep, buy or die!

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