Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black River Black N' Roll

Black River Black N’ Roll

Eagle Rock Entertainment/ Armoury Records

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Reviewer: The Dragon of M87

Poland’s Black River has garnered some notoriety for sporting members of well known Polish black/ death metal bands, notably Tomasz "Orion" Wroblewski from Behemoth (best wishes to Nergal) on bass and Darek "Daray" Brzozowski from Vader, and a host of others on drums. However, Black River are quite far from black/ death metal, and are essentially a hard hitting rock band with plenty of Southern rock and blues influences, albeit with a very heavy sound and thick production.

Whatever muse Orion and Daray are satisfying, Black River are not some sort of joke side project as Black N’ Roll hits all of the genre elements well enough. Up tempo rockers, riffs aplenty, gruff vocals, and a huge sound are all present in spades on Black N’ Roll, somewhat of a misnomer as black metal is nowhere to be found within Black River’s sound. In fact, Black River are far closer to bands such as Lynyrd Skynrd (RIP Leonard Skinner) and descendants such as Black Label Society more than anything else.

Although Black N’ Roll has a couple of corkers scattered here and there, overall, I found the songwriting to be a bit uneven and the album became tiresome after a few songs. However, I’m sure that Black River would go over quite well in a live setting with a bottle of Jack on the bar in front of you. That’s probably just fine with them.

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