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Another Perfect Day The Gothenburg Post Scriptum

Another Perfect Day The Gothenburg Post Scriptum

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By: Chris Davison

Not in any way influenced by the criminally underrated Motörhead album of the same name, it seems that Another Perfect Day are yet another band that were active in the early 1990's that have now emerged like the proverbial tortoise from hibernation to produce a killer album. While many of the other bands have stumbled blinking into the modern world and have excreted albums that sound like demo tapes force fed through Pro Tools, it is entirely fair to say that The Gothenburg Post Scriptum has been the subject to much more thought than those other releases.

In fact, much of the naming of both the band and the album are misleading in their intentions. I was expecting melodic death metal in the vein of early In Flames or Dark Tranquillity; it turns out that this really isn't the case. Yes, there are the intricate and melodic guitar lines, but there is much more of a sense of the melancholic and moody atmospheres of other outfits at play here, too. Therefore, The Gothenburg Post Scriptum is a much more interesting proposition than many of the other bands influenced by the Swedish sound. In particular, the works of Ghost Brigade and Daylight Dies are similar points of reference, with their ebb and flow and sense of gloomy dynamism
To call Another Perfect Day a band seems a bit of a luxury, given that Kristian Kohlmannslehner provides everything with the only other accredited full time musician being Sascha Schillner on the drums. This might actually be the reason why this platter is so single minded and focused; being the vision of one man means that the songs are written with a purity of purpose that bleeds through in the mix of carefully wrought introspection and quiet moments alongside the outbursts of aggression and emotion.

Quite which genre this album sits in is a puzzle; it has elements of melodic death metal, it has elements of introspective Anathema-like post doom, and some bona-fide Evoken styled emotional doom passages. The puzzle is probably best for not being solved and accepted for the treat that it is. Emotionally engaging and sophisticated in approach, this is an album to be devoured and savoured. Don't expect to see Another Perfect Day live, though, unless Kohlmannslehner can perform some spectacular gymnastics.

Oh, and I didn't even mention that Dan Swanö provides some clean vocals, either. Ah, bugger.

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