Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Brief Blast: Kreator and Kataklysm

Bands (those that I happened to catch, anyway): Kreator and Kataklysm

Venue: HOB Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, California

Date: March 23, 2010

Here’s a brief blast show review after I traipsed out to the HOB Sunset Strip after a long day at work to catch Kreator and Kataklysm. I wasn’t able to make it out in time for any of the openers, but I was only really interested in the triumphant return of Kreator, anyway. Heading out on their second swing through North America in support of Hordes of Chaos, Kreator threw such a good show last year around this time that I had to see them again.

I arrived at the HOB just in time to catch most of Kataklysm’s set in front of a packed HOB crowd. A good set, some of which I spent wandering around (Sam Dunn was spotted in the audience). After checking out the well-stocked merch tables, I finally settled down to catch the last few songs. A good show, from what I saw, as Kataklysm finished with a rousing rendition of “Shadows And Dust”.

Anticipation grew to a crescendo as Kreator hit the stage. Opening with “The Pestilence”, Kreator were tight as Hell throughout their 90-minute set. Playing an anniversary tour of sorts, Mille informed us all early on that many past classics would be played for the first time in many years. We were treated to “Endless Pain”, “Tormentor”, “Coma of Souls”, and “Flag Of Hate”, as well as recent staples such as the title tracks of the band’s last three full-lengths. Overall, a great show.

A few phone shots of Kreator (courtesy of concert going companion Cosmo Lee). My camera phone is on the fritz (I’m living in the dark ages), and my photo pass fell through. Oh, well.

The t-shirt haul (finally replacing an old classic from my youth)...

Special thanks to Dave Brenner!!

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atanamar said...

I missed the Kreator show in NYC, unfortunately. Every living soul seems to have crawled out of the woodwork for it. I'm glad to hear that the west coast version was just as successful.

Also, thanks for the links to your reviews. Helpful to keep them aggregated here. I still need to check out that Varg album. That band name has to be all sorts of trouble for them right now.

dschalek said...


Had Voivod and Nachtmystium been opening for Kreator, I would've made sure to arrive much earlier.

"Blutaar" is quite good and, somewhat coincidentally, I'm in the middle of composing a piece on "Belus" (publishing site still to be determined, perhaps here).

Invisible Oranges said...

A strange night, to be sure, due to all the guest list fail action. But absolutely no regrets for seeing Kreator. That was a box I sorely needed to check off.

atanamar said...

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I still haven't seen Kreator. Hopefully they'll be able to translate the success of their latest album and new record deal into continued vitality (i.e. future good albums and U.S. tours).

As for Belus, I'm personally more fascinated with people's response to the album and the man than I am with the album itself. I'd love to read your review. I had a lengthy discussion with good friend Jeanne Fury (and decibel writer) about the decibel cover story and the merits of J. Bennett's write-up. Personally, I think Brandon Stosuy got the best answers out of the man so far over at Stereogum (i.e. most blunt and controversial.) Honestly, if anyone gave Jeanne Fury a space to express her opinions on the issue, it would really turn some heads. I doubt that will happen, though.