Sunday, November 08, 2009

Augury "Fragmentary Existence"

Augury- Fragmentary Existence

(Nuclear Blast Records)

I’ve grown increasingly tired of overly technical death metal of late, as much of the really technical music lacks soul. Most of the sub-genre’s albums are increasingly becoming mere exercises in self-indulgent wankery, if not out and out flirtations with “all-things-core” (a sure way to rapidly lose my interest). Never mind that Necrophagist haven’t put out any new material in ages, after repeated promises, and I, for one, have really grown tired of Suicmez’ teasing guessing game. Imitators are trying to fill the gap, but of the exceedingly technical bands (I’m not talking about progressive death metal here, which I think of as a different animal), I only find a few, namely Gorod and Martyr, even remotely appealing these days. Add to that exceedingly small list Augury.

From Canada, Augury have not been heard from since their debut from 2004, “Concealed”, on Galy Records. “Concealed”, as I recall, wasn’t particularly memorable, but “Fragmentary Existence” is pretty much all that you could ask for in this genre. Naturally, the stellar musicianship and production are here in spades, but the songwriting is excellent, as well, as non-musicians such as I will be able to easily stay interested in the album. To these ears, this is the album that “Traced In Air”, the recent, decidedly non-metallic album from Cynic, should have been. Excellent guitar work is beautifully backed up by an unbelievable bass, plenty of speed along with the requisite tempo changes, and guttural vocals. A few moments of free form jazz are present, of course, but do not quite veer into wankery territory and are interesting, well played complements to the serious metal displayed on the rest of the album.

Those of you that had been, at one time or another, interested in technical death metal but have become disgusted of late may find much to like on “Fragmentary Existence”. Recommended.


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