Monday, October 26, 2009

Stuff on the fringe that's been sent to me lately...

Here’s a quick look at three albums from various artists on different labels that are only flirting with metal, or exist outside of the usual genres. I’ve a pretty large backlog of albums to review, so, in the interest of time, I’m only giving these albums a brief examination. Each album was given a complete listen, though, and this is just my brief impression of each.

First up is a German duo named Dyse, playing a weird combination of noisy Krautrock, alternative, jazz/ fusion, and what have you. “Lieder Sind Bruder Der Revolution”, the duo’s second album on Exile On Mainstream Records, is most definitely not metal, but may appeal to those interested in weird funk/ fusion bands such as Primus, a comparison that easily comes to mind. However, Dyse are much noisier, harder hitting, and play with a range of tempos. I suppose another band that compares would be System Of A Down with a similar vocal delivery and quirky song patterns. At any rate, the music is well played on “Lieder Sind…”, but I certainly would not recommend this band to those of you that are strictly metal traditionalists.

Exile On Mainstream Official MySpace

Dyse Official MySpace

Next up is “Sing- Along Songs For The Damned And Delirious”, the second full-length from Sweden’s Diablo Swing Orchestra on Ascendance Records. Guitarist Daniel Hakansson describes the music as “riot opera”, and the description is apt as somehow, this act has been able to successfully combine pure swing music with a metallic, hard-nosed edge. Other weird influences such as opera and jazz are also present, and the end result is original and interesting, to say the least. What metal that is present here exists as some gigantic riffing from Hakansson and second guitarist Pontus Mantefors that wouldn’t be out of place on a Pantera album, or Metallica whilst they were deep in the jock-rock era of the Black album. Strangely enough, “Sing- Along Songs…” is pretty well done and highly infectious, but is also definitely not recommended for traditionalists.

Diablo Swing Orchestra Official MySpace

Ascendance Records

Lastly is a total laugh riot from White Mice, a weirdo band, to say the least, releasing their latest full-length (who the Hell knows how many prior releases), the wonderfully titled “Ganjahovadose” on 20 Buck Spin Records. The humor flies at you fast and furious with this trio dressed up in rodent masks and blood streaked lab coats, parodies of Michelangelo’s artworks, and a booklet heavily laden with Bible verses (with cartoons) re-done with a satirical, scatological bent (the density of the detail in these parodies is immense, and obviously a great deal of work went into this). Numerous other references to bodily fluids, God, marijuana and hallucinogens (you just knew that all of this has to be drug-fueled to some degree), and sex involving rodents abound throughout “Ganjahovadose”, and you can’t help but laugh out loud at all of this nonsense. As for the music, “Ganjahovadose” is sloppily played, down tuned noise rock/ sludge with cascading drums, a screamed vocal delivery that comes off as bemused, and lots of incredibly noisy, distorted bass. Not in the mainstream of metal by any stretch of the word, but worth a listen, nonetheless.

White Mice Official MySpace

20 Buck Spin Records

So, there you have it. Those of you looking for something a little different may want to investigate some of these releases, as each are well done in their own way. Each band finds a niche where not many others are present.


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Anonymous said...

The last two albums were just as thick and it is not just the production on the recording. They have a huge sound live.