Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Own Grave "Necrology"

My Own Grave- Necrology

(Pulverised Records)

What began as a trickle of albums at the end of 2008 has now become a torrent. OSDM/ NOSDM has exploded of late with albums coming faster and faster from classic bands newly revitalized, and upstarts eager to carry forward with a genre that has been ignored until recently. OSDM also got a huge shot in the arm with MDF, and bands will undoubtedly begin touring in the fall to bring the genre back to the masses (I’d so like to see all-things-core go the way of nu metal). Sooner or later, though, all of this will undoubtedly devolve into a sea of mediocrity (retro-thrash did almost as soon as it began with, admittedly, a few exceptions), but, thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet.

Establishing themselves in the OSDM/ NOSDM movement are Pulverised Records with a roster of promising acts. One of their fresher faces belongs to Sweden’s My Own Grave with “Necrology”, the band's second full-length. I’m not familiar with past efforts by My Own Grave, but I suspect that a change in sound has occurred with the band as Encyclopaedia Metallum has them listed as melodic death metal. That’s not, or no longer, the case as “Necrology” is pure OSDM with crushing riffs, a deep production, bursts of speed, and a sloppiness that OSDM purists such as myself will find instantly appealing. Highly infectious, of course, are the riffs that have that patented “meat and potatoes” sound so important to OSDM.

Although not original by any stretch, “Necrology” demonstrates that there is still a lot of life left in OSDM. Buy or die.


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