Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Insomnium "Across The Dark"

Insomnium- Across The Dark

(Candlelight Records)

Finland’s Insomnium return after a three-year hiatus with “Across The Dark” on Candlelight Records, their first album since 2006's "Above The Weeping World". I haven’t listened to Insomnium all that much since the release of “Above The Weeping World” as the band resides somewhat outside my genres of choice. However, for their brand of mid-paced melodic doom/ death metal with symphonic elements, Insomnium are at or near the peak of the sub-genre.

“Across The Dark” largely continues the band’s sound from “Above The Weeping World” with a tapestry of mid-paced melodic death/ doom metal with plenty of melodies, outstanding musicianship, and strong songwriting. Other elements include some clean vocals and light keyboards. The overall feel of the music is one of loss and sorrow, as the slow to mid-paced tempo and mournful guitar melodies contribute to an overall feeling of melancholy. Most of the album consists of a slow pace, but “Against The Stream” has some up tempo moments. As expected, the production is clean and each instrument is mixed well. Essentially, the album is identical in tone to “Above The Weeping World”, and fans of that album will, no doubt, find much to like with “Across The Dark”.

There’s no doubt that Insomnium are excellent musicians and songwriters, but this genre is simply not my thing and I find myself bored with “Across The Dark” pretty rapidly. This is, of course, merely a reflection of my own tastes and is not intended to detract from Insomnium in any way. That said, though, “Across The Dark” will probably appeal most to fans of the melodic death/ doom sub-genre.


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