Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dying Fetus "Descend Into Depravity"

Dying Fetus- Descend Into Depravity

(Relapse Records)

Dying Fetus, one of death metal’s “meat and potatoes” bands, return with “Descend Into Depravity” (Relapse Records), their sixth full-length. Although Dying Fetus are well regarded, they’ve had, frankly, some poor, rather sterile, production on albums that should have been absolute monsters. In addition, although “Destroy The Opposition” and “Stop At Nothing” are well written, the follow up to “Stop At Nothing” after a four-year hiatus, “War Of Attrition”, wasn’t very memorable with a decided downturn in songwriting. As a result, Dying Fetus faded somewhat.

Through it all, however, the band would tour. I’ve managed to see them twice over the last few years, and they really hit the mark in a live setting, even as a leaned out trio. As you watch Dying Fetus perform, you can’t help but wonder why this band hasn’t risen to the absolute top tier of death metal. That may all change with “Descend Into Depravity”, the Dying Fetus album that finally has it all.

Dying Fetus haven’t changed their sound, as the music is full of frenetic riffs and arpeggios from Gallagher, rolling bursts of speed from drummer Trey Williams (a fine addition to the lineup as Williams is able to nail that grindcore-tinged approach to the percussion), and a weighty bass from Sean Beasley. The songs are noticeably better written than those on “War Of Attrition”, but the biggest factor for the jump in quality is the huge improvement in production. “Descend Into Depravity” has a really thick sound that resonates and flattens the listener. The production, combined with excellent, varied songs spread out over a relatively short 33 minutes, should vault “Descend Into Depravity” into numerous end of the year “best of” lists, including my own.

With “Descend Into Depravity”, Dying Fetus have made a serious statement of death metal supremacy, and their best days may now be upon them. Buy or die.


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