Saturday, September 26, 2009

Moribund Cult IV: Merrimack "Grey Rigorism"

Merrimack- Grey Rigorism

(Moribund Cult)

The French black metal scene pretty much has it all. Bands such as Blut Aus Nord, DSO, and Antaeus are regarded as black metal elite in a country with a particularly strong and varied black metal scene. Occupying their niche, and one of no less importance, are Merrimack. To that end, the ever-reliable Moribund Cult Records issues Merrimack’s third full-length, entitled “Grey Rigorism”.

Merrimack reside on the more brutal side of the black metal spectrum with a delivery on “Grey Rigorism” quite similar to latter day Marduk. Employing plenty of tempo changes with plodding dirges mixed in with the all out blasts, Merrimack have a similar blasphemous brutality to their approach to black metal. Rather than going all out, though, Merrimack seem to be more intricate in their songwriting, and employ one or two moments of melody, as well.

For the most part, the formula works as Merrimack feature good musicianship, strong songwriting, and a powerful production on “Grey Rigorism”. The inclusion of a few spoken word passages in French are effective, as well. However, “Grey Rigorism” lacks a bit of the power that drips from Marduk, Horde Of Hel, and Funeral Mist, cousins all of Merrimack, and is a bit too clean for its own good.

Minor detractions aside, “Grey Rigorism” is a solid effort and the album, combined with Merrimack’s inclusion on the long awaited Marduk-headlined tour of the United States, should dramatically raise Merrimack’s visibility. Recommended.


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