Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Moribund Cult I: Hiems "Worship Or Die"

Hiems- Worship Or Die

(Moribund Cult)

Muscular one-man black metal from Italy with a bit of whimsy? Not exactly what you’d expect, but that’s exactly the case with Hiems, a one-man project from an individual named Algol. First, the basics: “Worship Or Die” is the second album from Hiems, released on Moribund Cult, and comes across as a beefy version of newer Satyricon (Satyr probably wishes he found some of these riffs himself) combined with some of the blistering antics of 1349 (well, before their recent downturn). Some gigantic riffs are interspersed with a tempo ranging from a mid-paced dirge to a full on blast. So well done, in fact, are the infectious riffs that some serious neck snapping is going to take place while spinning “Worship Or Die”. In short, this is not the work of some pasty faced, skinny misanthrope hiding from the Sun in his parents’ basement.

The whimsical aspects come in Algol’s decision to incorporate elements into his scheme of black metal that fly in the face of the conventional notions of black metal aesthetic. For example, late in the album, the track “Hiems” incorporates a wonderful organ solo that sounds inspired by giants such as Rick Wakeman and Jon Lord (if you don’t recognize these names, shame on you). The organ also carries over into “290979”, and into the album’s closer, a clean vocals version of “Race With The Devil”, an oft-covered classic rock song from Gun (just about everyone seems to have covered this song at one time or another). The result of playing with these classic elements reveal Algol to be a student of classic rock and serve as a reminder that metal, in all its forms, is still ultimately a form of rock music.

A highly infectious album paying proper respect to classic influences, “Worship Or Die” is highly recommended.


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Invisible Oranges said...

Right on about the Satyricon resemblance. I even said the same thing about Satyr wishing he had the same riffs:

Great minds think alike!

dschalek said...

Yep. Great album!