Saturday, September 19, 2009

Liturgy "Renihilation"

Liturgy- Renihilation

(20 Buck Spin Records)

Not to be confused with the brutal death metal band from Chicago with the same name, Liturgy are a Brooklyn-based quartet playing a version of black metal without any of the usual genre aesthetics. “Renihilation” is Liturgy’s debut full-length, released on 20 Buck Spin Records, and sort of comes across as a blackened version of nihilistic grindcore as most of the album is a whirlwind of a blur. Fast, simple chord progressions with production emphasis placed upon the loud guitars, lightning fast blasts with occasional punctuated snare hits, and incoherent screaming typify the music on “Renihilation”. This sort of approach to black metal seems to work best as a means of lulling the listener into sort of a trance complete with navel contemplation. Adding to the mix are a few slower parts with some chunky riffing that periodically make appearances, but are not nearly as effective, or as interesting, as the blackened grind that repeatedly wears you down. An atmospheric track or two are tossed in for good measure, as well.

I’m somewhat reminded of Wolves In The Throne Room by Liturgy, with a grinding approach to the music as well as a lack of genre aesthetics. For example, Liturgy astride the stage for shows in basically summertime street clothes, sport haircuts that veer dangerously close to emo territory, and have no obvious connections to black metal whatsoever. However, unlike WITTR, Liturgy’s music is rather basic and, although quite promising, is not nearly as mature, or as layered. I did find Liturgy to be intriguing, though, and the band, along with acts like Krallice, may become an integral part of a New Wave Of USBM (did I just coin a new sub-genre?). Recommended.


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Anonymous said...

Another top notch post this is a great album these guys don't need corpse face paint they just come on stage in their street clothes and jam like say when Metallica still han Cliff. This release and Black Cascade-WITTR, are my driving to work tunes to get ready for the day.Another band Njiqahdda from Illinois put out Nji Njiijn Njiiijn in 2007 ,4 long tracks of rockin' out madness,the last 5 minutes of track 2 sound like an updated Sabbath,something to check out.

dschalek said...

It is a good album, but I do really think that black metal, perhaps more than any other genre, does require a certain aesthetic. Certainly, that aesthetic, or lack thereof, should avoid any sort of connotations to emo, metalcore, what have you.

Anonymous said...

There you go why does every band have to be put into catagories black metal, metalcore, doom metal. I feel it's just all music if someone can create something that connects to others in some way, than their goal is achieved.Whether any medium be it music, film, paintings, architecture.Most new genres are created when the artist mixes say doom with black metal or drone with death metal.Whatever happened to Heavy Metal.

dschalek said...

My opinion, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

So what do you think about bands like Aluk Todolo with their krautrock leanings,or Procer Veneficus who tend to dabble in the psychedelic realm,or Black Vomit which is considered avantgard.Do these bands have any credibility.

dschalek said...

I'm not familiar with any of those bands.

Nicola Masciandaro said...

Wrote some notes on the album here.