Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Enforcer "Into The Night"

Enforcer- Into The Night

(Heavy Artillery Records)

The nostalgic look at various genres of metal from the early to mid 1980s continues at Heavy Artillery Records. Enforcer, from Sweden, have previously appeared on the label’s “Speed Kills… Again” compilation, and now issue their debut full-length entitled “Into The Night”.

The songs that were included on the “Speed Kills…Again” comp weren’t all that impressive, as I recall, but “Into The Night” has very well written songs with stellar production and musicianship, and is a surprisingly good mix of three genres from the early ‘80s. Take one part NWOBHM, another part proto-thrash, and add just a hint of glam from the Sunset Strip, and that seems to be exactly what Enforcer are aiming for with their debut full-length. Essentially, I’m greatly reminded of “Killers”-era Iron Maiden, early proto-thrash bands such as Exciter, and hints of Mercyful Fate and Motley Crue at their most dangerous. Most of the songs have a mid-paced tempo falling between NWOBHM and proto-thrash, although there are a few fast tracks with a thrash metal gallop. The Sunset Strip sleaziness creeps in with songs about partying, girls, and going out on Saturday nights with the goal of engaging in some extracurricular activity of a quasi-illegal nature.

Most of the music is slickly done and sounds as if it came straight from the era. For example, the dual guitars from Adam Zaars (from old school death metal masters Tribulation) and Joseph Tholl perfectly nail the sound. In addition, the well-executed, high-pitched vocals from Olaf Wikstrand are obviously influenced by vocalists such as John Cyriis, Dan Beehler, and King Diamond with just a hint of sneer from Vince Neil. Somewhat unusual for the era, the bass is perfectly audible and well done. Hell, even the cheesy cover art, album layout, band photos, and choice of fonts perfectly fit the music.

I must admit that “Into The Night” pleasantly surprised me, as I wasn’t expecting all that much. However, Enforcer have nailed their homage to this period perfectly and with style. Highly recommended.


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