Saturday, June 06, 2009

Brief Blast: Dead Man's Hand "The Combination"

Here's a brief review of an album already covered at Live 4 Metal, but one that has dropped into my lap, as well. Dead Man's Hand, from Norway, will undoubtedly evoke comparisons to Motorhead, given that the band name's is a famous lyric. At any rate, that's where the comparisons to Motorhead end, as Dead Man's Hand are a good, seamless hyrbid of Bay Area thrash with a touch of mid-paced Swedish death metal. Mostly, the formula works well, resulting in some infectiously catchy songs that do have a degree of staying power on the band's debut full-length, "The Combination", on Agonia Records.

A few moments of variation and melody are thrown in, as well as a few dirges evocative of Black Sabbath-inspired doom. By and large, however, Dead Man's Hand are at their best when you find yourself snapping your neck along with their thrash metal styled gallop. You can read my esteemed colleague Chris Davison's review here.

Dead Man's Hand MySpace (Official)

Agonia Records

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