Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lake of Blood... and an interesting juxtaposition...

The following review will appear soon at Live 4 Metal, but Milkweed Records asked me for a review of the debut EP from Lake of Blood through Metal Flows In My Veins...

Lake Of Blood- Heed The Primal Calling

(Milkweed Records)

Lately, I’ve been taking more notice of emerging bands from Southern California with some impressive newcomers in the form of Ruines Ov Abaddon (blackened death metal) and Reciprocal (technical death metal). Add to that list Lake Of Blood, a slightly melodic black metal band with the release of their debut, four-song EP entitled “Heed The Primal Calling” on Milkweed Records.

Comparisons to the ecologically themed bands of the Pacific Northwest, such as Agalloch, Blood Of The Black Owl, and, maybe, Wolves In The Throne Room come to mind with environmental themes present in the music and a melodic take on the genre without the use of keyboards. Fast riffing, variations in tempo from a mid-pace to all out blasts, and some guitar melodies with acoustics are all present on “Heed The Primal Calling”.

Although not as mature as some of the aforementioned giants, what is notable about “Heed The Primal Calling” is that it is the first release from the band; that is, no known demos have been circulated (at least, according to Encyclopaedia Metallum). The songwriting and musicianship are solid, as is the deliberately rough production, and all point to a talent to take note of for future releases. Overall, “Heed The Primal Calling” is an excellent first impression.

Lake of Blood Official

Sorry, song removed.

Also, I encourage you to read the following articles. I find it interesting that elements in Western countries, supposedly tolerant and encouraging towards self-expression and political commentary, label heavy metal as for the mentally ill.

Report: Heavy Metal Fans More At Risk of Developing A Mental Illness

The following appeared in today's Washington Post. Interesting that the epitome of intolerance, radical Islam, is beginning to find common ground with metal.

Islam and Heavy Metal

I welcome your thoughts and comments...


DPTH International said...

Interesting articles. I find it fascinating that what I take for granted (choosing to listen to metal) can be a crime in other cultures.

Chris Davison (L4M) said...

The last article was an interesting read, for sure - though perhaps more interesting still were the comments of the readers below. I have attended a (lot) of concerts over my 33 years and yet to run into any bone headed overt racists, yet they seem to run rampant on Teh Intarwebz. Just where do these people hide during festivals, or do they (as I suspect) lack the courage of their convictions ?

dschalek said...

There are goofballs everywhere. In my experience, a lot of them hide behind "Christian piety".

Anonymous said...

I thought it was interesting that some fans in the islamic world felt they could go to the mosque to pray, then go listen to black metal for a few hours afterwards. They either don't understand metal or they don't understand islam, since the two outlooks are diametric opposites. Islam literally means submission, black metal & metal in general is about resisting submission and asserting personal power and achievement on your own terms. Islam is an organised group-based abrahamic religion, black metal is an individualistic satanic anti-religion, and death metal is generally nihilistic/atheistic.

It seems to me like the black metal "fans" this guy found just like the sound it makes, and the idea of "rebelling". Yet they conform to the mainstream views of their culture, and take no notice of the spiritual and philosophical ideals of black metal or any other kind of metal.

Just looks like knee-jerk teenage "rebellion" to me, devoid of any conviction or true resistance to authority. This is no surprise though - just look at islamic terrorism, which is directed outwardly rather than at their own repressive authoritarian governments, which daily represses 1 billion muslims much more so than any western democracy.

dschalek said...


Agreed wholeheartedly. Watch Islamists co-opt black metal for a small segment of their population just to turn them against Christianity, which they simply equate with the West.

Then again, that segment of the population susceptible to the Islamist message is incapable of critical thinking, anyway, so it's not surprising.

A illuminating example in metal is the Indonesian band (I forget the band's name) featured in Sam Dunn's "Global Metal" that's anti-Western.