Thursday, August 07, 2008

Another Brief Blast...

Once again, I recently received a promo that has been subsequently covered by another writer at Live 4 Metal. This time, the album is "Flesh Inferno" by Blackwinds, from Sweden. Here's a brief review...

Blackwinds- Flesh Inferno

(Regain Records)

Sweden's Blackwinds deliver their second full-length, entitled "Flesh Inferno" on Regain Records. For those not familiar, Blackwinds play unabashedly symphonic black metal that take just about every trick in Dimmu Borgir's playbook, run with it, and toss in a bit of latter day Behemoth (and maybe a little bit of Marduk) for good measure. A slick, professional production, bombasity with keyboards galore, the same sort of hockey-pad style leathered spike getups, the works. Throw in rasped vocals that are almost a dead ringer for Mortuus from Marduk, a huge guitar sound, and you have a band that just screams "clone". They do it all with panache and flair, though, ultimately resulting in an enjoyable, if utterly forgettable, release. Judge for yourself. You can read Crin's review here.

Regain Records

Blackwinds Official

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Invisible Oranges said...

They had me until the keyboards came in. I was excited to hear what this sounded like - thanks for posting it.