Sunday, April 27, 2008

Norsk Svart Metall Compilation

Norsk Svart Metall- Compilation

(Godreah Records)

So many black metal bands of all subgenres now proliferate throughout the world from so many different countries that it becomes all too easy to forget that the creative explosion of black metal’s second wave began in Norway. Now more than fifteen years past the seminal events of the early ‘90s that led to such a creative outburst that far outstripped black metal’s primitive beginnings from only a few bands in the mid ‘80s, Norwegian black metal still holds an exalted status in the minds of many. Other countries’ scenes may be considered to be more artistically vibrant nowadays (France, in particular, and, I’ll get slammed for this, the U.S.), but Norway’s classic acts are still considered to be the standard.

Unless you’re still really paying attention to the Norwegian scene (other than just picking up the latest releases from Gorgoroth, Mayhem, etc.), you may miss out on some lesser known acts that are creatively constructing black metal and pushing the genre forwards. Certainly, the good people at Godreah Records have been paying attention and have put together an album that is described as a compilation of Norway’s third wave of black metal, a fresh look at the creative underground of the country.

The twelve tracks compiled on “Norsk Svart Metall” have all been released elsewhere, but may be quite difficult to find. Some of the acts appearing here are probably familiar to most serious black metal fans, such as Taake, Urgehal, and Koldbrann, but, in addition to those bands, others such as LJA, Hordagaard, Abomino Aetas, and the like have garnered less notice. “Norsk Svart Metall” is the perfect opportunity to explore Norwegian black metal horizons.

The vast majority of the tracks presented here are concentrating upon the raw black metal subgenre typified by such classic bands as Darkthrone, mid-period Burzum, and Gorgoroth. Raw ferocity combined with mild atmospherics through droning riffs, layered rasps, and simple drum patterns with rolls and fills are the norm here, as the compilation is devoid of the symphonic and dark ambient subgenres.

Track list:

1. Taake - Voldtekt
2. LJA - Et Barn Er Dodt I Bethlehem
3. Urgehal - DĂždsmarsj Til
4. Forgotten Woods - A Land Mine Reprisal
5. Hordagaard - Pure Satanic Hate
6. Abomino Aetas - Nocturnal Legion
7. Beastcraft - Burnt At His Altar
8. Isarnheimr - Livlost
9. Koldbrann - Sions Fall
10 Mord - Opus V1
11. Deathcult - Anti Human - Anti Life
12. Krypt - I Am God

All of the tracks presented here are of excellent quality and will, no doubt, motivate me to investigate further some of the bands that I wasn’t familiar with prior to obtaining this compilation. That, of course, is the whole point of a compilation and “Norsk Svart Metall” comes highly recommended. Buy or die.

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A History Of Norwegian Black Metal


Invisible Oranges said...

That clip was kind of boring, but that artwork is beautiful! I don't hear anything good about the Norwegian scene nowadays, so this release is an interesting concept. I don't know if I'm sold yet. But Taake, Urgehal, and Koldbrann are all no joke, so maybe I should check out the others.

dschalek said...


The artwork, which is excellent, was done by Steve Green from L4M. He also compiled the accompanying booklet. I chose that clip because I wasn't familiar with Abomin Aetas, and I like the atmospherics.

K said...

This is a pretty good compilation of some of the stuff the norwegian scene has to offer these days. Most of these bands are of the recognized bands in the "newer" norwegian black metal scene. Norway still has alot (more) great to offer. check out elite, gjenferdsel, Sorgsvart, Voluspaa, mistur, tremor, eljudner, vreid, drephjard, iskald, nidhogg and lots more!

dschalek said...

I'm already familiar with Elite, Iskald, and Vreid. All quite good. I'll check out the others.