Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So I'm back. At least for now.

So, I've decided to continue adding to this Blog until I get bored again. At any rate, I'm still writing for Live 4 Metal. The site has had some upheaval with Scott Alisoglu and Pete Woods leaving and Steve Green taking over the editorial helm. I'm hoping that the site re-vamp that's in the works will ultimately increase the exposure of the site as well as allow it to compete with some of the other great metal webzines.

January 21st at the Key Club in West Hollywood is the much anticipated Dark Funeral, Enslaved, and Abigail Williams (with a few local acts) show. Abigail Williams is an interesting band that I've written a review for at L4M and should be posted soon along with 5 or 6 other reviews in the pipeline. My Top Ten List for 2006 will also be appearing soon.

Listened to a new Spanish doom band in the vein of Sleep and Ufommamut today called Orthodox. I'l be writing a review for it soon, as well.

I attended 6 or 7 shows over the past year and I've begun to take some shots with my camera phone (which does a pretty good job). Here's a shot of L.A NSBM band Nokturne at Safari Sam's in Hollywood when they opened for 1349. Great set, lots of inverted crosses, blood, gas masks, corpsepaint, you name it.

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