Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Enslaved Video

Here's a clip (yeah, camera phone) from Enslaved's set at the Key Club in West Hollywood on January 21, 2007.

Also, I have two new reviews up at L4M. The two reviews are Abigail Williams and The Handshake Murders. Destruction/ Into Eternity/ Hirax is coming up at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood on February 17th (thanks to Dave Brenner at Earsplit for the tickets), and I'm looking forward to seeing an old favorite (Destruction) whom I've not seen in concert. Luckily, that's a Saturday night because the next night the Unleashed/ Krisiun/ Belphegor tour roars into the Key Club. Am I going to hit both? You bet!

Please feel free, if you're so inclined, to use this entry to respond to my criticism of Abigail Williams and The Handshake Murders.

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