Wednesday, April 05, 2006


So, apparently the nitwits in England that manage Live4Metal played an April Fools' Day joke that I fell for. No site revamp, after all. That's too bad, because I feel that the site needs an upgrade. At any rate, I've heard a few bits of the new Celtic Frost album, "Monotheist", and what I've heard sounds very promising! Check out my Cannibal Corpse review!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

New stuff to report

The Sapthuran/ Leviathan split is excellent, as is the debut from The Ruins Of Beverast. Watch for my reviews soon at Live4Metal. The site is reportedly going to undergo a major overhaul, and I welcome that development. Also, the early scuttlebutt you may have heard about the new Satyricon album, "Now, Diabolical", is true: it's not particularly good. Bad riffs, bad songs, uninspired drumming, you name it. A major step down from "Volcano" (not all that great in and of itself) and it appears that Satyricon is spent. Frost would be wise to depart for 1349 as a full time committment.