Saturday, March 18, 2006

Avulsed- Goresplattered Suicide (Metal Age)

Spain’s atypical gore-laden death metal veterans Avulsed return (in late 2004/ early 2005, so this is a late review) with their fourth full-length, “Goresplattered Suicide”. I describe this band as somewhat atypical of gore metal because, while most of the familiar elements of modern gore metal are present (no samples, though), Avulsed is different in that a great deal of melody similar to latter Carcass and some more traditional heavy metal is liberally applied.

The usual familiar aspects of gore metal are present in “Goresplattered Suicide”: deep gurgled vocals, a chunky guitar sound, and some blastbeat speed. However, Avulsed are at their best when the drums infectiously gallop along to groove-laden riffs that set off a frenzy of neck snapping and head banging. Luckily, Avulsed incorporates this feature into just about every song on the album, and create an enjoyable listen.

Avulsed is also good at applying various elements to the songs. In addition to the blastbeats and the infectious grooves, some very melodic aspects make their way prominently into the songs. Some traditional guitar soloing that would be right at home on “Heartwork”, acoustic guitar (featured during a blastbeat in the 9th track, “Divine Wine”), and even a sitar at one point enter the songs. Most of these elements are largely unexpected from gore metal; however, those of you that are already familiar with Avulsed would not be surprised. After all, this is the band that released the rather strange industrial/ electronica gore album “Cybergore” (a remake of an early album, “Eminence In Putrescence”). Lastly, the last track is a throwaway cover of Motorhead’s “Ace Of Spades” that doesn’t add anything to the release.

Worth mentioning is the rather disturbing, yet amusing, cover. Consisting of a ménage a trois ending in murder suicide that is definitely approaching an X rating, I’m reminded of “Desperate Housewives” due to the suburban setting and the spring day depicted outside the window. Who knows what’s going on behind closed doors in suburbia? Also worth mentioning, Avulsed are apparently preparing a new release for 2006.

At any rate, Avulsed distinguish themselves from the gore metal pack with different elements to the songwriting and are worth investigation. Recommended.

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